ZoikMail Email Marketing Automation on Cloud sends 1,000 Emails Per Minutes.
Drag 'n' Drop feature makes the Task of Building a Personalized E-mail Templates Hassle Free.
ZoikMail provides all the API which helps to Integrate our Application with ZoikMail.
Increase your Number of Subscriber Worldwide with ZoikMail Sign Up Forms.

Sign Up/Subscriber Forms

Signup forms can be obtained for each Subscriber List so that you can enhance your Subscriber Database hasslefree. All you have to do is share the url on your Application and you are good to go!

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Quick Autoresponders

The Unique Autoresponder software that does the follow up for you, so you can simply focus on your work and leave the rest of the work on us.

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Drag & Drop Editor

Drag & Drop Email Builder

The new and state of the art drag and drop feature makes the task of building a fully personalized e-mail templates hassle free.

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300+ Email Templates

We have a gigantic collection of vivid email templates to cater to the needs of all the segment of the customers. If you don’t want to make a personalized template, just pick one from our gallery!

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300+ Email Templates
Responsive Layout

Responsive Email Templates

The unique responsive feature makes the email appear equally appealing on any screen size.. Be it a PC, a Tablet or even a Smartphone. Reach your subscribers in style irrespective of the media they use.

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Realtime Track Reports

Get realtime stats of the mails read by your subscribers . Just log into the panel and see your email.

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Email Tracking Reports
Secure Infrastructure

Global, fast, and secure infrastructure

Our reach is global so it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, We can reach your subscribers equally throughout the globe.

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Extensive API to Integrate

Want your application to send a mail? Just integrate our API into the source code and we’ll do the rest!

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Secure Infrastructure

extensive API to Integrate into Your Application

We have readily integrable modules for a dozen of frameworks. And many more to come. Stay tuned for even more extensive support integration for newer and better frameworks.
  • Drupal Integration
  • Opencart Integration
  • Magento Integration
  • Joomla Integration
  • WordPress Integration
  • PHP Fox Integration
  • Facebook Integration
  • Paypal Integration
  • Concrete 5 Integration
  • OSCommerce Integration
  • Text Pattern Integration
  • Virtue Mart Integration

Send Free Emails with ZoikMail

How many Email Sends today?

  • Upto 100 Contacts
  • ∞ Unlimited Sends
  • Good Speed for Sending Emails
  • 1 Month Validity
  • 24X7 Email Support
  • 300+ Free Email Templates
  • Drag & Drop Editor
  • API Integration


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